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    Thanks for checking the post. I'm going on a road trip from Ontario, Canada, to CA next May with two other guys... We plan to be on the road for a month and we have been in disagreement over food costs. Apparently, starvation is a concnern for some of us, and 10 bucks / day / person just doesn't equate. I dunno, but I think it should be enough. What do you think?

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Food Cost

    Depends on how you are traveling. If you have some facility for food preparation either in an RV or by camp stove, you should be able to shop at food markets and eat well, if not elegently, on $10 per day. If you are going to eat commercially prepared food, either from stores or eating places, $10 is probably not enough. It will also usually be less expensive to buy food in rural areas than in suburban and urban areas, especially if you take advantage of road side fruit and vegetable stands and use local mom and pop cafes. I enjoy eating well and I typically budget $50 per day but I also think roughing it means staying at the Marriott instead of the Hyatt Regency.

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    some dude Guest

    Default food costs

    Yeah, we'd be traveling with a tent and camp equipment. We've gone wilderness camping together on numerous occasions so if we have food that isn't wet or stale we should be good.

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    If you dont mind having the occasional goober grape sandwiches or PB&J type of meal then you *could* do it. Personally I think you'd need more than that.Always budget for more as it usually costs more!!

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