Hi !
I'm a 20 year-old guy from France, and I'll be in New York City on the 20th june. I'm coming with two friends, we will stay there for about 10 days, to visit, and also to get a car, so we can start our road trip. We will go to San Francisco, over a whole month, before getting back to France on the 5th august (from SF). This trip is the biggest thing me and my friends ever planned, it really sounds like a lot of fun. And here's the interesting part : we're looking for one or two americans to come on board, we think it can be really interesting to have somebody from the country with us.
We're three french guys (20-20-18). We will buy a used car and leave NY by the beginning of July and going through the whole country, spending most of the time in National Parks and nature places, and sleeping in campgrounds. We will go through the Adirondacks, Buffalo, Chicago, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Los Angeles, California coast, Yosemite, before getting to San Francisco around the 1st August (and that's really not the only places we will visit).
So if you're a person we would like to spend a month with, please contact me ! The few days we will spend in NYC may be useful to get to know each other, before leaving for such a big trip.

Thanks !