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    Default Help -- How can I go ONE way?

    I'm taking my family on a cross-country adventure this summer for 2+ months. However, I can't imagine going roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle with two little kids. The idea of getting there and looking at all that roadway back to Fort Lauderdale is just too much.

    Problem: I cannot seem to figure out a cost-effective way to take a car in one direction. If I take my own, I will need to ship back or sell. Rental car costs are outrageous for these extended distances (unless you know something different). I'm at a loss. Ideas?

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    Default one way travel

    Try checking out companies that offer to drive your car one way for you. I'm from Toronto and there's one here at -- you might find something similar in another city!

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    I suggest you take a second look at driving the entire trip. You may find that the expense and/or hassle of renting/shipping/selling/driveaway is just a bit too much.

    Perhaps you might think about breaking up your dreaded return trip into segments, maybe look into stopping at a couple of national or state parks for an extra night or two.

    You didn't mention the ages of your children, and that carries a lot of weight on how to approach a long-distance trip.

    In general, small children require careful attention to comfort first, amusement second.

    Infants normally travel pretty easily provided the items of survival used at home are readly at hand on the road. Keep the baby up a little later than usual the night before you depart on a trip, and he/she will sleep more the following day.

    Toddlers, being full of energy and curiosity, can often be satisfied simply with new and unusual surroundings. A hotel pool or playground usually does the trick, but a splash in a quiet lake surrounded by the sights and sounds of the woods seems even better. Mom and Dad might go for that, too!

    The overall best strategy for taking small children on a long-distance trip is to stop often. Most rest areas on the interstates offer at least a little open space, so you can follow up those potty sessions with a short, supervised romp before returning to the road.

    Parents may find that by saving some of the vacation highlights for the return drive, the entire trip becomes less stressful for everyone.

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    I need help in finding a car to drive from Boston to cleveland ohio or perhaps Chicago,ILL. I have herd of road service who look for individual to drive cars to specific locations. If I could get some feed back it would help me out a lot. I plan to leave Boston the 13th of August.

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    Default Drive-Away information


    Check out the information on Drive-Away at


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