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    Tim Tim Guest

    Default Two Brits driving from NY to LA in 7 weeks

    Hello fellow ridiculous drivers. We are taking the opportunity of arriving in NY, buying a van and driving across america in some sort of particular way. Any ideas on what vans to look at, and where to go to meet lots of british accent loving localites? Also how many other people have done a trip like this and stayed in the back of the van? We are not talking about some sort of RV, a Vandura or "A-team" style vehicle is more our kind of style. I am sure $2000 just for the van will be enough to get us something that wont explode half way across??

    Any ideas, advice or abuse is all highly sort after.


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    nick Guest

    Default brits travelling the usa

    Guys, not sure how you plan to register the vehicle and get plates, check with the DMV for info. I had problems in this area, its not the same as in UK, where you just need cash to aquire your dream machine, here they want all kinds of funky id's and stuff, but call them to find out first. Also, insurance can be a nightmare, especially if you are starting from NYC. As far as getting something for 2k, well your best hope for something that will last the distance is the police auctions. I have heard stories of great vans with excellent maintainance history, a few dents and POLICE plastered all over them, for that sort of money. If you don't want that, then buy in New Jersey where the vehicles are in much better condition, due to the roads, and the prices are pretty good too. Surf autotrader for options, they have alot of stuff. I'm doing a small, 24 day trip from nyc to la and back in my '86 trooper in a few weeks- i think i must need help! Good luck! Nick

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