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    Default 50 states in 2 months

    I want to take a GRAND ROAD TRIP after highschool with a good friend. I want to try do this all in a summer. I want to see and do the best things in every state. Can anyone tell me where I can get more info on having a (low-cost) wonderful ADvenTure across the usa?

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    Default Quality v. Quantity?


    While it might be possible to drive through 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) in two months it would not be much fun. You would need to spend at least 16 hours each day in the saddle just driving with no time available for exploring and meeting folks. And forget partying -- it is pretty tough to drive 16 hours for 60 staight days and do anything other than sleep on the remaining hours in a day.

    If have 60 days -- choose an area of the USA or even a state or two. I have spend most of seven years exploring the USA and have only seen about 40% of it. We have been in 48 states, (missed N. Dakota and Hawaii) but only have a good grasp of about five of the states. This is a huge country.


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