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    imported_David Guest

    Default Travelin Boston to Cali

    Me and My friend are goin from springfield, Ma to San Jose Ca. in August and we need road trip advice. We got a ford explorer, so terrain shouldnt be a problem. Where should we stop? WHats on the way? Where should we NOT go? Should we sleep in a motel or our car? The farthest road trip Ive ever done was 8 hours...Whats a normal length that I should expect (5 days or 6)...we wanna stop adn experience the roadd, but we also want soem time in Cali..Thanks

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    imported_Mike Guest

    Default your trippin

    sleep in your car or get a cheap tent from REI. make sure it's waterproof though, no walmart specials here. you'll meet some cool people in the campsites. and you'll save money for beer and gas, which is really all you need on a roadtrip. 5-6 days is a tight timetable, but you'll still have a blast. denver's awesome and should be on the way.
    have fun.

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