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    Default How safe are roadtrips?

    You hear of all these crimes at rest stops and carjackings? I read these stories how people bump your car and then rob you once you stop. How safe are roadtrips in the US with young families ????

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    mac nelson Guest

    Default pretty darn safe

    Been roadtripping for fifty years, often with my family or borrowed kids. If you avoid really lonely places, and are careful around urban airports (that's where people have had troubles), you're very safe indeed. Motels and national parks and rest areas are not quite crime free, but what is? They're essentially very safe. Enjoy. Mac

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Safety

    I agree with the previous posting that road trips are very safe as long as you exercise some common sense. I am a retird urban/suburban police officer in a highly visited area and we almost never had such problems with tourists. You need to avoid areas that are visibly dangerous but there are few of those and mostly in the larger cities. Rest stops are normally quite safe during the daylight and evening hours. They can be more hazardous and the late night hours and I would not recommend sleeping in them. Don't flash large amounts of money and don't leave valuable items in your vehicle in plain view when you're away from it. Other than those simple cautions, relax and enjoy the country. Your chance of becoming a crime victim are very low.

  4. Default Safe roadtrips?

    I took my 70 year old Mom to Fla at the end of Feb and had no trouble. The wife and I got back last night from our trip to Fla.
    In my opinion, I agree with the previous posters, just use caution much like you use every day. A lot of the people robbed on TV were in unsafe areas. Some were looking for thrills and illegal drugs.
    We normally take at least two trips to Fla a year and then try to take a vacation in the summer and Xmas to other parts of the country. We have no serious problems. If something feels unsfe, and they have on ocassion, we just leave.
    Have fun and be safe, but enjoy life. Don't fear life.

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