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    imported_Andrew Guest

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    I am travelling from La to DC in late May. I guess I have about 10 days. Does anyone have any suggestinons about what route I should take? Also, any tips on cool places to stop? Thanks.


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    imported_Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default LA to DC

    The best route depends a bit on whether you want to stop and see some of the sights or if you want to drive and see more areas but not spend much time in most of them. If I wanted to do the former, I'd head north on I-15 to central Utah then head east on I-70. The drive through the Utah and Colorado mountains is superb. I'd do my stopping in the areas that appealed to me there and then pretty much drive straight through from Denver to DC. If I wanted to see more of the country, I'd do the same thing without the stops then head southeast from Denver and drive through the south, especially in the spring. It's hard to beat the south when the magnolia and dogwood are blooming. Have a great trip.

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