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    Rae Guest

    Default Clockwise or counter-clockwise in mid - August

    We will leaving from Oregon in mid-August for a 2-3 monhth trip around the country (mainly the perimeter). Any suggestion on which route is better? We would like to see the Fall colors in New England (mid-october), but that leaves us in the Southwest in August/September (very hot). Has anyone done either route and what did you find?

    Thanks for the input!

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    mac nelson Guest

    Default tough choice

    And a real good question. I think I'd schedule it not to miss good N E color, and the hell with being too hot in the sw. Got air conditioning? Most folks do these days. Years vary, but color peak usually starts mid-September in the far north, to early and mid October through most of New England, maybe mid in my area of western New York. I like nw Massachusetts/sw Vermont best--the Berkshires. (Get to Williamstown Mass if you can--maybe the prettiest town anywhere.) It's such a fabulous show--nothing like it anywhere in the world, I'm told--that I'd chance a little sweat on the way east. Just avoid being out a lot in midday. Spend your touring time early and late, and either drive or siesta when it's hot.
    And hey--if it's really three months, you could reverse it --late sept. New England, then back south. Just don't miss the maples. Best, Mac

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