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Thread: seatlle to NY

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    Default Seattle to NY and Road Conditions

    Any tips regarding accommodation, sites to visit, etc... from Seattle to NY? How are the road conditions like at this time of year?

    Thanks =)

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    Default Seattle to NY

    Basically you take I-90 and I-80, fairly simple route. You are looking at about 42.5 hours of driving time (not encluding stops ot stay overs). There are alot of places to see, Mt Rushmore for one. How many days are you planning on travelling?

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    I only have 7 days =(

    Wish I had more though...

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    Default $$$ for Seattle to NY?

    How much do you anticipate it will cost for gas to drive this route?

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    Default What vehicle?

    Seattle to NYC is about 2900 miles. If you drove a car that averaged 15 mpg the cost would be $325 to $350.

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