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    Margie Guest

    Default Civil War Driving Trips

    Am really interested in the Civil War&want to travel to historical towns of this era. I have been to Gettysburg several times but am looking for more places.
    Thanks for your help

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Civil War Tour

    Your message doesn't indicate where you live. If it is in the US, I suggest a visit to your local library. There are dozens of books on the civil war in most libraries and several will focus on touring. I haven't been to all of the battle fields but, aside from Gettysburg, a couple that were most inspiring to me were Antietam, not to far from Gettysburg, and Shiloh, in Southern Tennessee. I have also enjoyed visitng Harper's Ferry which was the scene of John Brown's raid on the Federal Arsenal and several engagements during the civil war.

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    Default Civil War trip

    You don't say what part of the country you're interested in. Don't forget the Civil War west of the Mississippi. There is much history on the Kansas Missouri border. The Border War is taking on much greater significance recently as research finds links to it's importance.

    Check out this site for a Civil War Preservation Trust Discovery Trail stop. The Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield and Museum is 10 miles east of Kansas City on Hwy. 50.
    This year they will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the battle with living history, period and modern crafts, a small town parade, brisket dinner, blue grass and period type music, etc. on August 16-18. Antique shops in and around the area also.

    Lone Jack, Missouri Historical Society

    The Civil War Preservation Trust has a site with events and listings also.
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    Carol I. Picciolo Guest

    Default Civil War Sites

    Hi, Thank you for the Kansas Civil War information! I'm visiting Kansas next week and have read with much interest Kansas' history especially during the 1850's and the "Bleeding Kansas" events. I will visit the site that was suggested.

    Also, for more Civil War history, visit Vicksburg, MS. The city is charming, and the battlefield very informative and moving. If you like southern plantations, you are visiting a good city. Also, Shiloh in southern Tennessee is another interesting battlefield. If you travel to southern Tennessee, be sure to visit Corinth, MS! This small town located just south of Shiloh across the state line is full of Civil War history. Corinth, MS was located at the crossroads of two southern railroads.

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default Fredericksburg - Atlanta - Chattanooga

    I always thought Fredericksburg, VA is the best centralized location to visit important Civil War battlefields and related historical sites. Within thirty minutes' drive (or less) are four national military parks - Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Spotsylvania.

    Atlanta has several attractions that are Civil War related: Stone Mountain, the Cyclorama, Kennesaw Mountain and the Margaret Mitchell House. In addition, countless historical markers pertaining to the battle for Atlanta are strewn across the city, mostly in residential areas.

    In Chattanooga, you'll find Lookout Mountain and the Chickamauga/Chattanooga National Military Park system.

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