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    Default Trip from western NY up the coast to ME

    Hello. We are thinking about taking a road trip from Western NY over and up the coast to Maine. Just currious if any one has any good ideas on path or peculiar places to stop along the way. Also, would bed & breakfasts be the best places to stay? We don't want to spend a lot of money. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you.


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    imported_David Guest

    Default Maine

    I would suggest you follow the NY Thruway to Mass. Pike, Mass Pike to 290; 290 to 495: 495 to Maine. Get off at the first exit and take Route 1 north. Numerous side roads off Route 1 and you can spend two (or many more) summers doing it. I have lived here nearly 60 years and haven't seen it all. Don't miss Boothbay Harbor and Acadia Natl Park. Literally thousands of other attractions depending on your taste. Maine has an excellent tourist web site. You ought to be able to find it by a search on Yahoo. If you get all the way up to Calais on route 1, take Route 9 back to Bangor and then route 2 all the way back to the New Hampshire border. Enjoy

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