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    Caroline Guest

    Default Three college girls PA->FL

    Hey everyone,
    So this is our first real road trip and we are planning it for our spring break March 1-March9 2002. We want to go from PA to Baltimore to DC to Nashville to New Orleans to Fl. to Altanta to South of the Board, SN to Outter Banks and back to PA and we need some help!?! What to bring and where to definetly stop! This trip is have fun and experience the south since none of us have ever been there. We would greatly appreciate any help... if you just email w/ any info. Thank you a bunch Oh also we are staying friends and family along the way most of time to cut the cost down......

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    Frank Guest


    The idea for your spring break trip sounds incredible. You list some very cool places to go. However, I think you would probably need more than the nine days that you have to see and enjoy all of those places.
    I have taken a few cross country road trips over the past few years with friends myself. One thing that it has taught me is that trying to see and do too much can make a road trip more of a burden than the fun adventure it should be.
    My advice to you coming out of PA is to first see
    Baltimore and D.C. like you originally planned. From there jump on I-95 ASAP and take that down to South Carolina. You will see signs for a place called South of The Border, this in a neat place and you will be able to get a nice room there for relatively cheap. From there you can cut over to Myrtle Beach, which is about a 2 hr drive from S.O.B.. From there you can head down to Charleston, which is a very cool historical southern city. After that I would head straight to Florida.
    Your first stop could be Daytona Beach where you could do some more spring break partying. I would avoid going to Orlando. Although the theme parks are very cool there, they are costly and time consuming. You can then head down the Atlantic coast on I-95 all the way to Miami, I suggest a quick trip to South Beach. I also highly recommend a trip through the Everglades across U.S. 41, you will be able to see tons of alligators from the road. From there you can head back up I-75 north and check out Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa etc along the way up. You can take I-75 all the way to Atlanta. Then from Atlanta make your way back to PA.
    Good luck and feel free to E-Mail me and I can try and help you out more if you need it.

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