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    Helen Guest

    Default Minneapolis to New York

    I have an uncle in Minneapolis and want to visit him then travel back to NY to get plane back to UK. I want to go by road and rail - does anyone have any suggestions on which way to do it or any interesting things on the way. It'd be cool to take in Boston while we're there.

    Thanks for any help


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    imported_Darrell Guest

    Default Boston :)

    Boston is where I'm from. I lived in Madison, WI for a summer, and that is right on your route from here (or NY) to Minnesota.

    I took the interstates all the way. I90 starts in boston and goes right through Madison on up. I80 and I90 are the same road for a while when you are traveling below the Great Lakes.

    I don't know what other info I can give you. Gimme a holler if you need more.

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