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Thread: Insuring an RV

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    Steve Bond/Corrine Allen-Britten Guest

    Default Insuring British RV drivers

    My partner & I are looking forward to 12 months travelling around the U.S. in a preowned RV.
    I'm looking for advice or recommendations of insurance companys that offer insurance particularly to British drivers. Is it wiser to insure through RV sales businesses or independant companies? How hard is it to insure foreign drivers(with good driving records)?

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Insurance

    I am by no means an expert on insurance but I would suggest that you consult one or more real experts. My best guess is that to get insurance through the dealer will be costly and provide less coverage than if you acquire it independantly. Since you have family in the US, I would start with their agent. Having a US address will probably be much more cost effective than having to insure with your UK address. As a sometimes traveler in Britan, I would also caution you to check out the meaning of every word you have any question about in your coverage. As Churchill once said, the English and the Americans are two peoples separated by a common language. Have a wonderful trip.

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