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    Default Does anybody have any suggestion?

    Hello Roadtrippers,
    my boyfriend and I are going to San Francisco in about a week and we are going crazy with travel guides and maps. We are leaving from Boston and we plan on visiting Washington,D.C., New Orleans, San Antonio, Biosphere2 in Arizona and the from San Diego up to San Fran.

    Does anybody have any suggestions regarding cool places worth a visit during this trip?

    Thank You!

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    NJSchempp Guest

    Default road trip

    We did the same trip two years ago. Skipped Washington DC,
    went through Harrisonburg Va, thru Knoxville, Tn, stopped in Nashville, continued to New Orleans, then to Houston, San Antonio (watch it there, they tried to break into our
    new car, thank God the alarm stayed on but they cut the whole harness under our car) THE RIVER WALK IS A MUST., then we stayed in Ft. Stockton, Tx, and onto Scottsdale AZ,
    then San Diego, up to Los Angeles. This time we are going to San Francisco, Napa, Reno, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne Wy, Mt. Rushmore, Chicago then home thru Pa, back to Jersey.

    We are doing the trip again this year and that is when we will do the coast of California, last time we only went to Los Angeles.

    We stay at Ramadas, Holiday In Express etc.
    You can em me at

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    imported_Darrell Guest


    Between SD and SF:

    Pismo dunes (I camped on the beach, costs about $10 for a beach pass, you drive right down to the water. 4x4 is a plus)

    San Simeon, the estate of William Randoplh Hearts. It's right on Route 1 (PCH). DONT MISS IT! Plan to spend about 3-4 hours there. There are several walking tours that run about an hour each I think. You can do 1, all 4, or anything in between.

    Take PCH all the way if you can. You wont regret it. Big Sur, Carmel, Monterrey are all wonderful. Eat at the Nepenthe Restaurant. Great views and it is right on Route 1 in Big Sur (I think).

    If you want to see the REAL redwood forest, drive north of SF; I mean WAY north, even to the border of OR. Muir Woods just north of SF isnt the REAL redwood forest.

    Good luck and be safe! I havent driven through the south and southwest, but I plan on doing that!

    My site has (most of) my route from 1.5 years ago.

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