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    Veronica Guest


    Im 16 right now, but next year when i graduate highschool i want to take myself and and good friend on a grand roadtrip! I want to see and experiance everything in all 50 states. There is no boundries at this point. I know it sounds crazy, but it's my ultimate dream. I'm looking for information of what everystate is famous for, best sites to see are, tours, haunted places, thrill parks, and pretty much everything else and inbetween. Is there a place online i can find this sort of state information? And any tips on road triping?

    Also... What car should I take. Would a VW van do a good job?

  2. Default Your trip sounds vantastic!

    I envy you your first sight of all America has to offer. My suggestion is to make time for unplanned stops. Many of our best memories are of the unexpected. There are little Pony Express stops thruout the West that sometimes have great local history as well as the Pony Express stuff. Little Hysterical Markers(roadside Historical Markers) can often surprise you at the most unexpected times. And talking to the local inhabitants can often provide information that is unavailable anywhere else. For example, did you know that the area around Disney World has long been a ranching community? There is a great local rodeo held in St. Cloud every year. And during WW2 there was an Air Force(Army Air Corp) training field in Kissimmee. There is a great warplane museum/restoration facility on the Kissimmee airport grounds. But as for the VW vanagon? I'd say drive one first. I'll tell you that if you drive one thru either the Rockies or the Smokiy Mts, you will wish for more power. I'd suggest a full size van or even a mini van over the vanagon. But that is just personal preference. (But I did own a vanagon.)

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    Darrell Guest

    Default Stay off the interstates if you can

    If you have time, take roads other than ones in the interstate system. I drove 10,000 miles in 2 months alone in my Jeep in the fall of 2000 and it was awesome. I met tons of people along the way, but I wish I had more time and could have stayed off the beaten path.

    I would recommend you take a car that is in tip-top shape. An old VW van would be a great roadtrip car, but I bet the reliability of a car that old leaves soemthing to be desired. Unless you completely restore it to factory condition before you set out, I would recommend another vehicle. Although not classic American roadtrip vehicles, mid-90s Hondas and Toyotas are very reliable and would offer great gas mileage also. I spend $1200 in gas in my 2 months on the road.

    Good luck! Email me with any questions!


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