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    Would you take a convertable V6 mustang, a Bullitt GT Mustang or a Ford Escape? We are taking a three week "two-lane blacktop" road trip in June along both southern coasts and the southern states.

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    Default Do you enjoy breakdowns or?

    Well, the Mustangs might be the most fun, but they are more likely to experience the occasional fits of mechanical blues, so a better question might be: do you enjoy the prospect of the occasional break-down or do you want to make tracks? Also the Ford Escape allows the ease of throwing gear in the back and "forgetting" about it.

    June in a convertible? It rains often in that area of the country.

    I would go with the Escape.


  3. Default FORD?

    Why Found
    There are several better choices, depending on how many are going and the like. Vans are usually more comfortable, pickups are nice. But a Rustang? And an Escape? Do you know how cramped they are and what lousy mileage they get? And forget the performance cars. Their tight suspension is great for showing off. But a few thousands miles and you may need a kidney transplant!!
    If you are renting, then I suggest you make a small day trip in one of these. Then look around for more comfortable (and reliable) vehicles. Maybe a mini van?

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    Default Hey, leave us FORDs out of it!

    The Phoenix One is built on a Ford chassis and drivetrain -- it has gotten us out of a score of places that might have left us dead on the road, (if we had been driving a Chevy...). Check out


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    John Wise Guest

    Default VW Beetle

    My wife and I have done this and further in a new VW Beetle! The road noise in the convertible is horrible, we did a similar trip up and down Florida in a Saab convertible, the top was up for all highway driving, and a pain to raise and lower after we hit 40 mph in and out of cities.

    Our favorite touring vehicle is our Expedition - BIG AND COMFY!

    John Wise

  6. Default That is a GREAT vehicle!!

    And I drool in envy. But just think how much better it would be with a Chevy/GMC powertrain!!<G>

  7. Default I LOVE the new TDIs!

    I have driven the new beetle with the TDI diesel. It has all kinds of pep. And at 49-52 mpg, it get fantastic mileage. I also like how you sit upright and higher than most small cars.

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