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    nette Guest

    Default MD to CA (senior trip)

    three friends and i are planning on driving cross-country this summer from balitmore, maryland to california, spending a few days driving the coast in california and then heading back. we plan on hitting the northern states on the first leg of the trip and the sounthern states on the last leg of the trip. we will all be 18 yrs old. what can you tell me about:

    *renting a car for the trip?
    *interesting places to stop?
    *places to spend the night?
    *off the wall places to go (i.e. the biggest spoon, the best pie, etc)?
    *and any other info you would like to give.

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    imported_Stefan Guest

    Default Road tripping


    I have done the cross country trip twice, and can tell you that it will be a blast, even though it will be a bit more difficult since you are not 21. First of all, you should definitely hit up New Orleans, cause that place is insane. My friend and I were 19 when we went, and it was a street party w/o any occaision. Plus, you can drink, but you can't get into the clubs w/o false ID. At least not the high profile ones.

    Renting a car will be difficult for you. Even if you can find a company to rent you a car to take on your trip, it will cost you at least $20/day extra. I have had to deal with this for 6 years and am just now turning 25 (the cutoff at most rental places). God, I can't wait till I don't have to pay that surcharge.

    Most importantly, just go have fun and explore. Driving through Texas will be boring, I promise. I got in behind a 4wheeler and hit 90 through the whole thing in my friend's mom's Geo. hahah. Oh, and make sure you keep rotating the driving, as accidents can happen when people try to push the limits. I remember waking up in spin #2 after my buddy had drifted off the highway and had to overcompensate to get back on. Let's just say that it really sucks to wake up to find yourself facing the wrong way on the highway with traffic coming at you.

    I can't remember all the things that happened to us on that trip, but itf you want me to try, email me at "" and I'll do my best to give you more tips.

    - S

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