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    imported_Alex Guest

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    Hello from an englishman, 23

    I'm planning a solitary road trip in December, I would like to explore the midwest, from New Orleans to Wyoming, Nebraska, Ohio... What goes on in Nebraska? Should I avoid any states such as the "cornhusker State" (sic)

    Rental companies dont seem that keen on under 25s. I am therefore considering driveaway companies, for people who want their car moved from city a to city b. Has anyone on this forum given this a go? Any ideas of good companies and pitfalls to avoid?

    Alex (m)

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    B Durbin Guest

    Default Winter Driving

    Make sure to keep close tabs on the weather in December. A blizzard or even just a deep freeze can alter your plans considerably as roads become difficult to travel.

    While not an expert on the Midwest, I do know a bit about Wyoming and you are safe limiting yourself to the eastern half unless you want to see Yellowstone (in the northwestern corner.) By doing so, you can avoid crossing the Continental Divide in the winter and probably save yourself a lot of grief. You could check out the Devil's Tower in northeastern Wyoming, though. It is quite an amazing rock.

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