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    Hello! ! ! My best friend and I are graduating from High School in May. We are trying to plan a road trip for at least the 2 of us and possibly two of our friends/boyfriends! What would be the best way to do this? What about planning it? Should we decide places we want to go or just get in the car and drive? ? ? What are some great places to look for on the way?

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    Well, to really help you you'll need to give more info like where you're from and how long you'll be travelling, but as a general rule it's best to be both spontaneous and organized by choosing your major destinations for the trip and then making up how you get there as you go along.

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    Well. . . Thank you for your comments.
    We are planning to be gone @ least a week, may be 2, in the beginning of July.
    We will either be travelling in a 1967 mustang, 2001 mustang, 2002 explorer, or a 1996 jeep. Any thoughts on we to go and what to see are still needed. . . All appropriate opinions are welcome..

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