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    Lynnebiz Guest

    Default Boston to Tucson

    We are planning to travel cross country - that is me, my boyfriend, 2 dogs, possibly my vegan teenage daughter, her cat, & also possibly my 19 yr old son. This trip is a journey to find our new home in the Southwest, either NM or AZ. We've lived in the Boston area all of our collective lives.

    Whew.... just writing that tires me out! The relocation is due to health (I have RA) & need the dry, warm air, finances (it's getting just too expensive to live here in the Boston area), and just the need for adventure. Long, long overdue - we are selling our house, selling the furniture we can, and giving the rest away. I can't wait to hit the road!

    ANY suggestions - inexpensive places to stay, (with firm beds - it's becoming a prayer for me!!), good places to eat, don't miss spots - anything. I've never gone west at all, and outside of Rte. 66, I don't have any must sees, yet.

    Thanks -


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    Sofia Guest

    Default Taos in NM

    Gotta hit Taos in New Mexico..There are so many amazing things to see in the Southwest...but I love Taos and Santa Fe. Both amazing places...if you can hit Utah...driving through Monument Valley is my favorite place in SW

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    Randy Gartner Guest

    Default Trip to Southwest

    Did you ever think of buying an RV ? You could buy a decent used travel trailer for probably 5 or 6 thousand or a used pop up for $2,000 or less. That way you could stay in state or federal parks for less than $20 a nite. If you do that,get a Trailer Life or Woodall's directory. It will tell you all about campgrounds,like what facilities they have and how much they charge.

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    Lynnebiz Guest


    Sofia -

    Yes, I definately want to see Taos. There are some earthshelters - earthships - that I would love to see, also. We aren't planning to go thru Utah on this trip, but who knows after our move. Isn't Monument Valley partly in AZ and NM also (I might be getting some of the areas mixed up)?


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    Lynnebiz Guest


    I was thinking of doing just that (the RV idea), as a matter of fact. My boyfriend is not too crazy about the idea, though. I think that he is concerned that we could end up with more problems than we need. I would love the kind of RV that you just drive - only they seem to be very expensive from the ads I have seen. We also both have health problems that seem to be getting worse. That's part of the reason for the move - to get out of New England cold, damp & humid weather, to the dry Southwest. And we've got a new problem that just started. I'm having a lot more pain in my legs, & walking is more difficult. Well, this move is taking a LOT of courage as is (we are not only selling our house, but really starting anew, taking basically only the most important sentimental things). It is essential that we don't do anything that is physically difficult for either of us, or we just won't make it. But the RV thing is the way I would LIKE to go - I just don't know enough about them.

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