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    My name is Don Colliver and I am a researcher for the upcoming cable television series entitled "Radical Sabbaticals." This series will air on a new television network called FineLiving, launching in early 2002. FineLiving is owned by Scripps Networks, who also owns the Food Network, Home and Garden Television, and DIY.

    "Radical Sabbaticals" are passionate, inspirational stories about successful, professional people who take breaks from their careers to pursue a dream, and plan to return to work. We are looking for over-30 dreamers who are planning on leaving soon for a sabbatical/ leave of absence. Each half-hour episode will focus on one person's story: part inspirational and part how-to. Why are you taking a break? How did you choose what to do for your sabbatical?

    We begin shooting soon, so if you or someone you know fits our profile, please contact me as soon as possible.


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    Greetings Don,

    A couple of our long-time contributors are Brian Ardinger and Chris Moeller, who embarked on such an adventure. I would suggest contacting Brian @ [] or looking at their web site (


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    Howdy Mr. Colliver, my name is Randi and i'm a 23 year old female proffessional/artist. I've been wanting to take the ultimate unplanned roadtrip for 6 years now and i'm gonna do it soon. I currently work as a Temp, for a company called Temporary Solutions Inc., so i'm not so tied down right now and i live at home with the folks. So get in touch with me, all i have to offer is a high school with some college education and a gap toothed smile. HA! jus kidding, i have way more to offer. but until i hear from you, you won't know what else there is to me, will you kind sir?
    until then!


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