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    Default Analog - Data solutions

    I use verizon as my cell carrier and use what they call the "Mobile Office" this is just cabling my cell phone to my laptop computer to access the web and email. It works fine in the digital data areas designed for this service. However my travels are very frequently outside these areas.

    This brings me to my need for analog data, ie connecting to the web by adding a modem to the mix along with a special cable to go between the card-modem and the cell phone.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    Also, is there a place I can go that has expertice on these issues. The Verizon reps are mostly brain dead on these matters.


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    Default They really aren't brain dead

    Road Greetings Kim,

    The Verizon agents are probably not brain dead -- brain-washed maybe. Analog still exists, but if you are going to use this as a data network, you really need to consider a 3.0 watt phone. We have used analog in semi-remote areas for over 8 years. With the exception of v.34 devices the top speed you will see is about 9.6 Kbps. Just to keep your wits about you in the alphabet soup of technology remember that Analog is really AMPS which is a circut-switched network.

    Depending on your location you might want to look into the primary digital overlay that is used on AMPS towers -- that being CDPD.

    A fairly complete view (written in non-techo garble) can be viewed at

    Better than AMPS are the data networks that are beginning to roll out under "3-G" I haven't updated the 3-G information yet (on the web site) with all of the latest wiggles but again an overview can be read at

    If you are really convinced that AMPS is the best solution for your situation at the moment -- be sure and give a look to the "GlobeWave" product line. By using the v.34 protocols, transmission speeds of up to 23 Kbps have been acheived.

    One more point, when you are seeking solutions for wireless data DO NOT RELY on the notion of transmission speed. What is important is the time it takes your data to make the leap -- What are you attempting to use AMPS for anyway?


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