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    chuck Guest

    Default L.I. to San Diego

    movin out west in september. I need the best ideas for two lane highway travel. Any thoughts??? We're young and ready for adventure.

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Scenic Routes & Western History

    I have some suggestions. First, check out the scenic routes all over the US at You can also order a free map called "America's Byways" from them. I've been on a number of them and they all lived up to their billing. Second, for a little taste of western history, explore the Tombstone-Bisbee-Fort Huachca (pronounced wa-CHU-ca) area of southern Arizona. Tombstone is authentic enough to give you an idea of how it really was and touristy enough to be entertaining. That whole area was the home grounds for some of the more famous bands of Apaches and the Fort was the home of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Indian wars. If you travel a more northern route, come south from Colorado Springs to Pueblo then head west on US50. Royal Gorge outside Canon City and the Black Canyon of the Gunnision, further west have to be seen to be believed. Continue west to Colorado Rt 110 at Montrose and head south to Durango. That stretch is called the Million Dollar Highway and it's awesome. Finally, just west of Durango on Colorado Rt 160, visit Mesa Verde. The ancient cliff dwellings put our modern civilization in a little perspective. Have a great trip. At the end of the road, you'll reach San Diego and that ain't bad, either.

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