Hey everyone,
I'm an 18 y/o from NY and in August I'll be makin the trek to CA with my best bud. We're all about finding strange and mazing things along the way to distract us. I've already planned to stop at Grand Canyon National Park for the day but that's about it. We really want to avoid things that are "set-up" and "organized" so when we do get the grand canyon, I was wondering if nayone could tell me a way to get out of tkaing a tour or something like that and just be able to walk around on our own for the day. Also, a great place to see the sunset.

Aside from the Grand Canyon, I really want to do things and go places I will always remember. Bungee jumping or something extreme like that is definitely something I'd be interested in and also awesome, beautiful natrual places along the way would be ideal as well. And hey, if anyone knows of a GREAT amusement park anywhere between here and CA, let me know. I wanna find an awesome rollercoaster.

So fellow-roadTRIPPERS, e-mail me back at Eldoradogreen9@hotmail.com or Chrontrple@aol.com with any suggestions about great nature places, extreme sports places, creepy little out of the way towns, nice driving routes, amusement parks, strange places to eat and anywhere cool and interesting that hasn't been completely institionalized. My friend and I are not one to take walking tours or anything like that. I'd love to hear some suggestions, ASAP, thanks.