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    Default Quirky spots in Northwest wanted

    My family of four (Me,wife and two boys, 11 & 17)want to take a circular car trip from the Seattle area east and south. I'm thinking as far east as central Montana and as far south as northern California.
    We have about two weeks and would like to do some non-primitive tent camping mixed in with cheap lodging. We like history, geology, and some anthropology (e.g. petroglyphs, digs, etc.) I'd love to see some authentically historical sites that put me in touch with life as it was lived 50 or more years ago (for example, we loved the Virginia City cemetery).
    Can anyone suggest a route that would take us through some interesting spots, or just identify some cool spots that you wouldn't miss if you were going?


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    Default Trolls, Wallowa, Summer Lake

    Greetings Tim,
    There is so much to do and see in the NW. I know you mentioned an eastward direction from Seattle, but a short detour to visit the Trolls at Gardiner Beach is worth a photo or too, our pics at (

    One of the most amazing locations for world-class foundries is in Joseph, OR near Wallowa Lake State Park -- say hello to the friendly mule deer there. If your timing is good you might share the hot spring with the local Russian Othodox congregation at Summer Hot Springs. Speaking of which --one of my favorite ole time hot springs resorts is in Weiser, Idaho. If you go to our Places page and look at some of our ramblings in the states you mention, you may find some fun ideas.

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