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    Default California to Kansas

    I am planning a roadtrip with two children to see the grandparents in Kansas. We will be on I-40 for 850 mi or so, anyplace recommended to stop for a nite? Any fun site seeing opportunities?

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default I-40 Stops

    Depending on how long you like to drive, Williams AZ (about 9-10 hours from Los Angeles)makes a nice stop. It's a small town so it's usually a little less expensive to stay and to eat. In the morning, the kids will enjoy watching the steam train depart for the Grand Canyon. Instead of going all the way to wherever on I-40, I might cut northeast at Tucumcari, NM on US-54. Shortly after you get into Kansas, you can make a short side trip to Dodge City (of Marshal Dillon fame). They have a neat Old West area the kids will probably enjoy. A little longer side trip might start from Gallup, NM north on US 666 to Mesa Verde but that's probably a two day detour. Have a wonderful trip. Don

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