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    Carlos Lopez Guest


    My friends and I are planning a road trip around the country for next year. We are all college students and have low funds. We heard that some people get corporations to sponser them. If anyone out there knows anything about that I would be very interested in hearing about it.

    Thank You

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    imported_stacy Guest

    Default Me too!

    I am interested in finding out about this too

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    GabyBaby Guest

    Default No answers, but I'm interested as well

    I can't provide any assistance here, but would love to learn more about this if you find anything.

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    The only thing we've come up with is to try and get the support of a charity like the American Cancer Society so that we can raise money.

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    GabyBaby Guest

    Default Interesting, but ...

    How would support from the American Cancer Society help? What would you be doing for them in exchange?

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    Default Got have the hook -- if you want the green!

    Corporations of any type rarely sponsor folks to go on road trip lark. You have to have a marketable hook that matches with one of their marketing goals. Do your research -- see if a local company would be interested in securing some national exposure. RTA has worked for the ACS -- but road promotional work leaves 0% of time for exploring or going to national parks, etc.

    There are a number of resources for funding -- but you should expect to spend 10-14 hours per day in support of the commercial/charitable project.


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    imported_stacy Guest


    This probably has something to do with driving a company vehicle across country that is elaborately decorated for advertisement, like Volkswagen and Snapple, giant hot dog mobiles, etc.

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    Kristin Guest

    Default Garage Sale

    Everyone as junk... group garage sale can help raise funds for a roadtrip.

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    GabyBaby Guest


    Regarding those resources, what's involved? What's the funding like? Where should I go to get more information?

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