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    yvonne Guest


    my name is yvonne, and i am a senior at syracuse university. i am writing an article about cross country road trips for one of my classes, and i would love to talk to anyone (in their 20s) about their experiences. i am looking for stories about funny situations, car breakdowns, or any other on the road fiascos. or i would like to talk to anyone willing to share some advice or tips.

    we can communicate by e-mail.

    also, if you help me, i will send you a copy of my story. thanks.

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    Yvonne, you might want to check out , it details the adventures and travels of two late 20-'s exploration of the USA.


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    Marra Bennett Guest

    Default Got tons of stories


    I am 23 and have had some very commical road trip adventures that I would be happy to share with you. Email me at if you want.


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