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    JTME Guest

    Default Suggestions??

    I am planning a month long road trip next year from Minneapolis, MN to Anchorage Alaska. has anyone out ther done this?? any suggestions?? places I can't miss??

    I welcome all suggestions. Thanks

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Alaska Trip

    If you haven't already, get a current copy of The Milepost. It's a mile-by-mile guidebook to the Alaskan Highway. One source (not the only one) is:

    Enroute, there are two places I wouldn't miss. If you have any interest in American frontier history, the Little Big Horn National Battlefield (Custer's Last Stand) just south of Billings, Montana, is great. Depending on the time of year, I would also drive the Going to the Sun Highway through Glacier National Park. Have a great trip!

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    imported_Kate Guest

    Default Minnesota!

    Hi! I just sent this message to another poster, but I think it would definitely be applicable to you too...might want to skip the first paragraph.

    I'm a native Chicagoan. If you're interested in seeing big cities, don't miss Chicago. Best shopping in the country!
    Also Lake Shore Drive affords some spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. Also, rollerblading/biking along the Chicago River, by Lincoln Park Zoo and along the Lake Shore is awesome. This is not my reason for writing though.

    I recently moved to Mpls and as far as beautiful scenery and hiking go, Minnesota can not be beat. Start your
    North Shore (of Lake Superior) excursion in the harbor town of Duluth, Minnesota. Head North on Highway 61. I
    would recommend taking the route as far as Grand Portage (on the border of MN and Ontario, Canada), which
    has the highest waterfalls in the state. Along the way, stop your car on the side of the road at the various state
    parks (signage is very good) and hike bits and pieces of the Superior National Hiking Trail. Don't miss Gooseberry Falls, Caribou Falls, Baptism River, Tettegouche, Temperance River State Park or Cascade State Park. You'll see rushing rivers, gorges, enormous waterfalls, cliffs jutting out into Lake Superior, awesome rock formations, the Sawtooth Mountains...breathtaking views, rock hopping, rock scrambling, hiking...guaranteed lifelong memories.

    While this area is a hikers heaven, the land is so vast that you will seldom encounter one. The solitude is refreshing. Go with a good hiking partner, several layers of clothing (weather conditions fluctuate to the extremes), and drinking water. Trust me. Go! It will be one of the best vacations you will ever take...and yes, there is civilization up there, so there are places to eat and sleep.

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