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    Phyllis Frey Guest

    Default Win 2K

    I recently upgraded from Win 98 to Win 2K. I can njo longer access the internet via my cell phone, which used to work perfectly. Anyone know anything about this problem? Is there a fix for it?

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    churchboy Guest

    Default 1st time relpy

    Hi mark
    thanks for replying to my message.
    Well, we wanted to go to roswell as that's where that UFO was supposed to have crashed and we thought as we was over that way we would have a look.

    I'm not sure what we want to see when we are other there I suppose something interesting like a ghost town , canyons , dessert and some of those on horse towns you see in the movies. Plus anything that is worth looking at.

    So it takes 2 days to get to Mt. rushmore................I didn't think it would take that long.................the USA is a big place you don't realise till you want to go over there and start planning.

    I don't really want my brother to do that much driving as I don't think it would be a holiday if all he's doing is driving all day and then asleep all night.

    So I think that we are gonna have to focus on a little bit at a time. So heres what I think we should do. if anyone can give me advice on anything to do with here we are going that would be a real help.

    start in Las Vegas on the 8th and i think about 3 to 4 days there as everyone i have spoke to that has been there they say that's long another

    then on to the grand canyon as you can not go to Vegas without going to that grand canyon

    then on to Los Angeles we just want to go on the universal tour and have a look around Hollywood so about 1 day

    then on to San Francisco for about 1 day

    then Reno for about 2 days

    then back to Vegas

    we need to get back to Vegas for the 15th

    i think that's about it thanks for the help

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