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    Default Trip to Pasadena

    We are planning a trip with Good Sam to the Pasadena Rose Parade but have concerns about driving in Southern California with a 26ft 5th wheel. We are not used to a lot of heavy freeway traffic and wonder if anyone out there can give us some pointers. We will be coming down I-5 from Northern California.

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    Default Same size as a city bus

    Road Greetings Lee,

    WE have driven in some of the most challenging urban areas -- the one thing I keep in mind is -- if a city bus can get thru so can we.

    Which isn't the same as enjoying it -- I know.

    OK. A 26-ft 5th wheel -- what is the tow vehicle? More importantly what is the power platform for the tow vehicle?

    I-5 is prone to examples of Tule Fog and/or smoke from burning farm land that time of the year so -- check with the CHP to check conditions on the day before your drive. Otherwise I-5 is pretty straightforward until you get to Tejon Pass. Take it slow and enjoy the view.

    Shortly after entering San Fernadno Valley you will want to exit to I-210 headed east. Since you are entering Pasadena on one of the busier periods -- there are a couple of alternatives. The easiest is to simply stay on I-210 until you reach Hill Avenue and the follow the Good Sam rally instructions, although easier -- depending upon the time of day -- it will be traveling in heavy traffic.

    Actually let me know the day and time you plan to go to Pasadena and how comfortable you are with making turns in heavy street traffic. I will give you some alternatives.

    The most important thing: It really is no big deal -- Residents of Pasadena are used to seeing visitors who are slightly lost and wandering around -- just keep smiling and enjoy the moment.


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