In a fortnight's time we fly from the UK into Boston to make a 3-weeks'
circular trip around the New England States. We have no fixed itinerary but
our preference is for the less-well-known, less-touristy places. We like to
drive on quiet minor roads as much as possible when we visit the States (our
favourite destination), but we will be using a rental car and under their
rental terms we must not drive on unpaved roads. We will be armed, as usual,
with de Lorme maps and guide books, but would appreciate any help you can
give in the following areas.

Our general idea is to start by traveling northwards up the coastal US1
towards Portland ME, then to spend a few days exploring minor roads along
the coast as far as Lubec and Eastport (anyone throw any light on the
whirlpool??). Then maybe up towards Lincoln and across Maine to New
Hampshire. Our route from there onwards is very vague, but we hope at least
to cover parts of all the remaining New England States before returning to

We have two questions. Do you have any special recommendations for places
off the main tourist routes which you specially like to visit, especially
anything a bit unusual? (not on dirt roads please). Secondly, as we will be
on the road for three weeks on a limited budget, we can't afford expensive
overnight stays - so, do you know of any reliable, clean, but cheap motels
or Bed & Breakfast places which you could recommend? We know that September
is not the cheapest time to travel but we should be avoiding the busy famous
'fall' period.

Many thanks for any ideas you can come up with.