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    Have been testing the new Omnisky wireless CDPD service for the Palm V. Works pretty good. Their rate plan is $39 a month for unlimited access. The web clipping technology is not too bad - can read web pages much better than on the Qualcomm 860 Web Phone. I also dont get carpal tunnel when trying to compose email like on the 860 phone.

    The included Minstrel CDPD modem will seek out a nearby data provider and lock on to the strongest signal. I have actually been able to browse and download email in areas that the regular cellular signal was too weak to make a voice call. for info.

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    Default CDPD and Omnisky -- Questions?


    Thanks for the news about Omnisky. What areas of the country are you doing the testing?

    The interesting thing about CDPD is that is was originally built as an overlay on the analog cellular towers. Do you recall where you were when you were successful with the data lock but could not get voice? Were you attempting a voice using digital or analog?



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