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    Default Verizon

    This cellular service provider is fairly new. Currently 3 cellular providers have teamed up to provide "nationwide"
    service. GTE is supposed to throw their hat in the ring soon. Anyone have any new info?

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    Default Verizon a product of mergers

    Verizon is not strictly speaking a new wireless company, it is the result of the pending purchase (read merger) of Bell Atlantic by Vodafone which is the parent company of the largest cellular provider in the UK. This new entity was created to become the largest cellular provider in the world.

    The network used by Verizon Wireless is the CDMA network and so all USA carriers that use CDMA are part of this group, (eg: Air Touch Cellular, AirTouch Paging, Bell Atlantic Mobile, PrimeCo, GTE Wireless, GlobalStar, etc.)Some information is found at

    At CTIA show, veiled references were made to the "one-rate" plans now planned. The one that has been released is the "600" plan which is 600 minutes for $75/mo

    Similar to AT&T's rate plan, the "no roaming charges" component is available only in CDMA digital service areas.

    We will be purchasing one of their offerings to check out the service in the coming weeks.


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