Hi! I have to say you guys are amazing! Me and two of my friends are
planning a roadtrip of our own this summer (a meager 6 weeks, but its the
best we can do). When I stumbled across your site, my mouth dropped to the
floor! On behalf of myself, Andy, and Jeremy, we have truly found new

This trip is something we have been drooling over for years, and it's hard to
believe it's only 2 months away! If you have the time, check out our
website: Road Trip
2000 . It can't hold a candle to yours, of course. Actually, I got
about half way through the site, and I really don't have the time to finish
it. We were planning on keeping a running travelogue once we hit the road,
but the equipment is too expensive for us. I read your "roadwirer" message
board, and greatly appreciate the tips on using truckstops, Kinkos, and
public libraries. We may not be able to update our site everyday, but those
tips will at least enable us to update every now and then.

Well, thanks again! I now proudly display your site on our links page. You
guys are living the dream! I can't wait to get a little 6-week taste!

See you on the road,