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    Default New York to Mt. Rushmore

    Hey everyone.

    Since you guys have been sooo helpful last year and I had a hike of a life time, I would like your help with this years trip. So I am coming from NY and would like to see Mount Rushmore. Was thinking I Should do Colorado and maybe another state along with it. Any suggestions and sites?hikes to see along the way?
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    Hi and welcome back.
    How much time do you have available? Colorado is a beautiful state with plenty of hiking options, such as the Bear lake area of RMNP. Utah is also amazing with contrasting scenery and great hikes. Try and tell us as much as you can about your plans and ideas so we can offer meaningful suggestions.

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    Default Broad Parameters

    As Dave noted, the main constraint on your trip, and our advice, is how much time you have. At a minimum you'd need a week and a half to simply get to the Mount Rushmore area (There's a LOT more to do there than just look at a carving!) and return to New York. With two weeks, you'd have enough time to stop and see a few things along the way as well. With more time than that, you can start thinking about adding another destination as well as taking more meandering and/or more scenic routes.

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    The other question is: Is this a fly-drive? Fly into a given city, rent a car and drive around?


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    First I want to apologize for starting this in the same htread as I was in before. I didnt know how to start a new one. With that being said last year (which you guys helped me with) I flew into Arizona and did arizona/utah and ended in Vegas before going home. The most amazing trip/drive/hikes I ever did. We stopped and hiked like 28 different things. Somewhere on here is my intin.
    So to answer some question yes I would fly from NY and rent a car and drive to 2 or 3 states then fly nhome. I have 10 days give or take.

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    If you want to see Rushmore and Colorado, I think it would make sense to fly into Denver and do a "loop" trip.

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    Default Time for Some Great Hikes

    As I mentioned earlier, your major constraint is time. While 10 days may seem like a lot of time, once you factor in a day's flying time each way, and a day or so to drive between Denver and Rapid City each way, you're left with only six days or so for everything else. Trying to include a third state would eat into those available days without really getting you too much else than being able to say you'd been to a third state. My first thought was to do Denver, Rapid City, Yellowstone and back to Denver. But between the extra driving time and the crowds that can be expected at Yellowstone this year, as everyone starts to travel again, would make that more work than play.

    So, my first suggestion would be to fly in and out of Denver as the most cost-effective option and then just do an out and back trip, or a narrow loop, to the Rapid City area. As I said there are lots of great options there including Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Devils Tower and Thunder Basin National Grasslands. And of course, Rocky Mountain NP near Denver. There should be good hikes in pretty much all of those sites.


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    Default Hike recommendation: Wild Basin Trailhead,

    As with many national park sites Timed Entry Passes are required at Rocky Mountain National Park this year. Their website states they will be needed from May 27 through October 10, 2022. You can find out the details under the icon Info, then Plan Your Visit.

    The reservation is made through I would recommend determining a date as soon as possible and securing your permit now. Some parks have a small percentage of next day permits, but that is risky.

    Hike recommendation
    Wild Basin Trailhead, east edge of park along CO 7 to Ouzel Falls. I can still ‘hear’ the rushing water along the creek heading up to the falls. The website has a good trail map showing parking and mileage.
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    Default An aside to Pat!


    It was so nice to meet you IRL at the Las Vegas Celebration for RTA last week. I wish we could have gone on a hike with you -- I have a number of favorite hikes in the Las Vegas area.

    (Photo by Sean Taylor)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    I wish we could have gone on a hike with you -- I have a number of favorite hikes in the Las Vegas area.
    Next time we are in Vegas we’ll try to make that happen. If Imbrifex Books comes to the Tucson Festival of Books, 3rd largest book festival in the US, we’ll hike here! The festival just wrapped up, attendance estimated at 140,000 over 2 days!

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