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    Planning to drive from western Mass. to Mt. Rushmore in June of this year. Saw a write up on this site about the Oregon Trail route (Oregon Coast to P'town in Ma.) This trip in reverse sounds interesting. Can't find details on the route or trip mentioned on on the Route page. Any help or advice would be apprerciated. (Last year we did Ma. to cleveland, chicago, down to kentucky and back to Ma.-- had great time.)
    Thanks for the help in advance---

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you may be thinking of Roadtrip USA, another website and book by Jamie Jensen, that takes the millions of possibilities for roadtrip, and breaks them down into a nice little list of about 10 "routes." Its actually full of good information, I personally just twinge a bit when people start taking these routes down to the letter, like they are the only options. To me, a roadtrip is about freedom and finding what's around the next turn, not finding the path that has already been writen about in a book, but again, that's me.

    If this route is appealing to you, I'd also take a look at spending some time on the Lincoln Highway, which also cuts through some of this territory.

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