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    Default Only Slightly Off the Beaten Path

    My niece and her new husband recently drove cross country from Delaware to Reno NV for their new jobs. In so doing they did what I often suggest to people here, namely get off the Interstates and see what small town America has to offer. But they surprised even me with one place they found while taking US-20 across Nebraska, namely the Klown Doll Museum in Plainview. They noticed it as they drove through town and stopped, but it was closed. As they were peering through the window one of the townspeople stopped and asked them if they'd like to see it and then called up a friend who was a volunteer and came over, opened up the museum and gave them a personal tour. Supposedly, the museum has the largest collection of clown dolls in the world, and judging by the photos my niece showed me I wouldn't dispute that. You certainly won't find such treasures if all you do is stick to the super slabs where the only clown you'll find is at the drive through burger joint.

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    Default Thanks for sharing.

    AZ Buck,

    That is an awesome story on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

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