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    Hi there! I'm going to be driving from Portland, OR to Las Vegas in May. (We'll be making the return trip, as well.) We'll have my 8-year-old son with us and are looking for some fun, "quirky" kind of lodging. For example, I found a treehouse resort in Cave Junction, OR that's right up his alley. Does anyone know of anything else that's not your typical hotel? We plan to do two nights each way. We don't have to go the quickest route, but don't want to wander off too much, either. Thanks!

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    If you made it to Reno, the 2nd evening, there's Circus Circus Reno . Circus acts, though no amusement park like the one in Las Vegas.

    Other than that, my kids were always happy if the motel had a pool that was open.

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    Default Two that Might Work

    While they aren't on the most direct route to Las Vegas (That would be asking too much!), you might want to check out these two and see if you can build a route and itinerary that lets you use one or both:

    Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort, Upper Lake, CA

    The Clown Motel, Tonopah, NV


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