Lodging is probably your second highest. I'd say restaurant eating may be a slightly higher risk than lodging, unless you stay in less than stellar properties anyway.

My husband and I are currently on a trip. The lodgings we've stayed at have been exemplary in their cleanliness and adherence to the new norm that COVID-19 has caused. We bring our own pillows anyway, since the biggest risk (to me) would be putting my head on a pillow that someone else has drooled on. We throw the hotel's pillows somewhere else in the room and use our own. Countertops. table tops, sinks, etc., can be wiped down with your own Clorox wipes if you're worried and you can bring your own. (We did.) The worst parts in any hotel room would be the TV remote -- if you use it, put it in a zippered bag first.

Food service is a different story. But if that's a super big concern for you, most places are still doing take-out as well as dine-in.

A third issue might be getting fuel. At the gas station, use gloves to fill up your tank, or bring wipes and hand sanitizer. My husband has taken to wiping down the steering wheel as well as his hands, when he uses hand sanitizer wipes.

CARRY A MASK with you -- several, AAMOF. Wear it. In many areas, you wear a mask whenever you're in public. (We're about to transit to another city where that is required.) In other areas, you wear one in retail stores and restaurants (and can take it off when you get to your table or when you are served -- it's varied.)

My husband and I have avoided situations where we might be in crowds. We watched fireworks from the balcony of our room, but would not have seen them if that had not been available. We avoid crowded stores and restaurants. One night we had a choice of several places to eat and one was just too crowded for us, so we moved on. Our doctor advised us, before we set out on our road tip: "Wear a mask, avoid crowds, and wash your hands a LOT!" Note that she did not tell us not to go.