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  1. Default 12 day roadtrip from NJ to ...North? ...South?

    I have about 12 days to drive from my home in NJ to ...somewhere and back again. Right now, the schedule would be to leave on Friday, November 13, and return on the Wednesday the 25th (day before Thanksgiving). I have a limited budget, as the bulk of the money is spent on a rental car, since I don't own a car. I've been stressed as heck at work, and need to get out, relax, explore, and feel the freedom of the road.

    Requirements: diners with good coffee, good waitresses, and good local talk; -- staying away from masses of tourists.

    One idea is to go North through New York State, up to Maine. There's a B&B in Maine where I could spend a night or two -- and a friend's house in Herkimer County, which is not far from Utica where I could also stay. I've also been considering a night or two in a "wilderness" cabin in the far northeast of NY State.

    On the other hand, I had thought about heading into Appalachia, as I'm especially fascinated by that culture and food -- and seeing some scenery in West Virginia and even North Carolina. I have one free place to stop in Richmond VA, at a friend's house.

    I realize this is very subjective -- but if you had twelve days to spend and complete freedom to go where you wanted to -- starting in NJ -- where would you go?

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    This topic is very relavent to my own life as I also live in New Jersey and have been debating for a while which direction to travel for a road trip next spring: North, to New England and Quebec, or south from Virginia all the way down to the Florida Keys. The East coast is so diverse that there are endless options.

    If I had to choose right now, I would say that going south is a smarter choice for a November trip. Maine has great B&B's that can always be done in a weekend trip, and the weather and timespan would be just right for a trip into the Appalachian region. Virginia especially has a beautiful autumn season.

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    As a former New Englander, I would normally be one of the first to recommend that you head north. But the fact is that it is now well past peak fall color in New England but just reaching that condition in the southern Appalachians. So, given the time that you'll be traveling, going south would be the much better scenic option. As for finding those local diners, it's remarkably easy. Just get off the Interstates, get off the main highways and drive into smaller cities and towns. Look around or, better yet, ask the locals where they eat. Tell the typical man or woman on the street exactly what you're looking for and they'll proudly tell you of their favorite. I have found far more great little diners and restaurants using this simple methodology than reviewing all the books and websites ever written.


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