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  1. Default Site seeing ideas Seattle to La and then across to LV

    A mate and I are Driving down from Seattle to LA and then across to Vegas from mid Aug to beginning Sep. 20 days of travel time.
    We would love any up to date ideas on places worth visiting. We looking to at least spend 2 days in LV, 2 days in LA and 2 days in SAN Fran. We havnt planned much as we like the idea of “spur of the moment”. Any ideas of where to target would be awesome.


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    Default A place to start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The places that are worth visiting are those that to appeal to and your interests but you haven't mentioned what those interests might be ? You have many attractions to choose from both along the coast and inland but with the time you have you could do a bit of 'zig zagging' between the two. This trip report takes you from LA to Olympic NP inland and back again via the coast and should give you some ideas. Yosemite NP, Sequoia NP and Death valley are great California parks you could explore as well, Yosemite and Sequoia heading south to LA and Death valley as a detour on route to Las Vegas, although it's possible to visit the Grand canyon between LA and LV if you have enough time remaining time you get there.

    Do a little research and when you have some dots on the map we can certainly add ideas and offer ways to tweak your itinerary.

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    Default A contradiction??

    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrie1 View Post
    We havn't planned much as we like the idea of “spur of the moment”.

    Any ideas of where to target would be awesome.
    That sounds like a contradiction to me. Why not plan the main stops, and just take the rest on the fly. Keep your eyes and ears open, speak with the locals, and hear what their suggestions are. Pick out those suggestions which appeal most to you. That way things will really be "spur of the moment".

    Here you will get suggestions which will help you then research, and you'll know what you want to head for. Hardly spur of the moment. My philosophy: is head for the horizon and see what is on the other side. No knowing what gems you will stumble upon.

    Speaking with rangers and locals (and sometimes law inforrcement personel) is the most valuable thing you can do if you really want spur of the moment experiences. Ask them what their favourite local places are, and why.


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