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    Hi All,
    Newbie here, I am a traveling sonographer who has the luck to view the US as a side to the main job. I did the drive down in four days, two of them “road warrioring” it. hit zero rush hours to my destination! Not bad for a first timer. Mostly I78 and I81, I40, I30 and I35....BUT...have to return. Would greatly appreciate any input that helps me creates a return trip that avoids the truck routes as much as possible. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of time between jobs to take in a lot of sightseeing but certainly would like to stop here and there. I have utmost respect for our tractor trailer drivers, but I’d like to stay out of their way while they are trying to get their jobs done. Thankfully, a family member will join the return trip! On the way down, I stopped in Lovely Leceister NC, Conway, AR, and Dallas. Thanks so much in advance!! Trip will be made last few days of July.

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    The route you took on the way to San Antonio is pretty much the only route that will get you back to the Philadelphia area in four days Anything else either adds more miles (while still being on Interstates that are the main trucking routes of the country) of considerably more time (by taking US and state highways and driving through smaller cities and towns. Unless you have more time, and more patience, for the return trip, you'll essentially need to take the same roads back.


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