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    I havenít done a road trip in over 30 years, so Iím super excited. Im taking my daughter to college and weíve opted for a road trip. We have two weeks to get there. She has not really traveled much or seen much of the US, thus the road trip. I will be returning in October. But for now, Iím wondering if any experienced travelers have ideas on how to make it a great trip for her at the lowest cost and what are the best routes to take in August?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default Which California?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you are no doubt aware, There is an initiative on this fall's ballot in California to split into three separate states: Northern California (San Francisco, etc.), California (Los Angeles etc.), and Southern California (San Diego, etc.). It's also possible that you plan on starting from Baja California. Which of those three potential new states (or Mexico) you're departing from will make a HUGE difference in routes and attractions we might suggest. So, can you be a bit more precise in where you're starting from? And while you're at it, 'Minnesota' is also a fairly big target!

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    Default ....and more.

    As Buck mentioned, those are big targets but even though simply knowing your start and end points would help, the more information you could share the better. There are no 'best' routes other than the one that takes you to places that interest you. So tell us more about your interests and if there are a couple (or more) of 'stand out' place you would like to visit along the way. The more you offer the more we can be of help.

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