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  1. Default Please HELP! Driving from Shakopee Minnesota to Souther California

    Hi guys!

    i found this forum and thought it was amazing and wanted some advice..

    me and my girlfriend are planning to drive to california from Minnesota.

    She has a 2000 Honda Prelude stick shift with 96000 miles on it, do you guys think it is wise to be taking this car on such a long drive?

    What are some tips on how to prepare the car etc etc and wat is the likely wear and tear on the car?

    any advice or opinions would be amazing

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    oh by the way we hope to get there in 3 days, don't care too much about stopping too often

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    Default Sorry, But...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You'd have to do 650 miles a day for three days straight. While I suppose you might just be able to pull it off, you will be exhausted and a danger to yourselves and others long before you arrive in L.A. or wherever you're headed. The car is probably the least of your problems. Just have it thoroughly checked by a mechanic you trust before you set out. And then plan on adding at least half a day to your trip.


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    Default near the limit

    I very much agree with Buck that the car really isn't the first thing you need to worry about here. Certainly you should have a mechanic take a look over things, but roadtrip miles are far less taxing on a car than average day to day short trip, stop and go driving.

    Making the trip from Minneapolis to LA in 3 days really is pushing the boundaries of what is safe. One 650 mile day is no problem, doing 3 of them in a row will get draining by the end. It can be done, certainly, but you need to be sure you are following the guidelines for making a safe speed run. This pace is a bit more than professionals are allowed to cover, and there is a very good reason they are limited by law to traveling about 600 miles a day. Making sure you are staying safe and alert while at the wheel needs to be your number one priority here, with everything and anything else being a distance second.

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    If your purpose for the trip is just to get from point A to point B, you can do it in 3 long days, switching drivers every few hours and spending 2 nights in roadside motels. However, if your purpose is also to enjoy scenery and places this country has to offer, you should add some more time to your trip.

  6. Default Has anyone ever driven on the I-15 hwy through UTah and Nevada with no A/C?

    We will be doing just that... does anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome the heat and what was it actually like?
    any help would be much appreciated :)
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    Default just like any other

    Well, presumably you've driven this car without AC in through the Minnesota summer (as remarkably mild and even cool as this summer as been), and really its not that much different. You'll want to keep your windows down, drink lots of water, and stop more often. You probably would want to keep your driving day a little shorter than usual as the heat and wind from the windows down will add to the fatigue of driving (which is a big concern on your already short timeline), and maybe find something else to do in the middle of the afternoon that would get you into AC if you are traveling on a really bad day. But also remember that its not a sure thing that you're going to be traveling in 100 degree heat - and even if you are, the dry air does make it quite a bit easier to deal with than 100 degree temperatures with humidity.

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    I can only endorse what AZBuck and MidwestMichael have already stated. However, you may like to check out the reality of your plan in this thread.

    Multiple long days through country with which you are not familiar and without air conditioning is a recipe for disaster.


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