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    Default One-Way Oregon to Texas

    I am taking my trailer to Texas at end of July. 21' Terry Classic and my GM 2500HD. My wife and I are driving, and I am wanting to take 2 weeks to take her through Utah Nat Parks, etc. The Grand Circle assumes a round trip. Does anyone have advice on the order I should go and the sites to stop other than the Big 5? I would love advice on the minimal time to see enough of each place to know whether to come back on a return trip and stay longer. My plan so far is Canyonlands, Arches, then Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon (North Rim), then maybe Carlsbad on the way to College Station.

    I really don't know how long to stay at each site and with only 2 weeks or so, it is always a trade-off. And I am sure I am missing something!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the route you've come up with is probably the most efficient way to do it. Between Arches/Canyonlands and Bryce you'd also have Capitol Reef that is worth a stop.

    After visiting the North Rim, it would still be worth considering a stop at the South Rim, as the two areas are surprisingly different and it is fun to compare the two. You might also look at places like the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert as you make your way towards Texas. Alternatively, you might head from the North Rim towards Monument Valley and perhaps Mesa Verde before heading down into New Mexico.

    I'd try to give yourself at least 1 full day in each park, which should be quite easy to do with 2 weeks, and still gives you enough time to comfortably cover the 4-5 days worth of miles you need to get to your destination.

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    Between Arches/Canyonlands and Bryce you'd also have Capitol Reef that is worth a stop.

    Not only is Capitol Reef worth a stop, it means you get the joy of driving UT24/Scenic 12 between Arches and Bryce. Absolutely worth the time !

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