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    Hi guys!
    New to the board and excited to get loads of info. My road trip experience is limited in America but happy to help in any way!

    A friend is moving to LA in february and we are looking to drive cross country. Something we've wanted to do for ages. We have a lot on the list already, but we noticed there is a big gap. Here's a rundown.

    New York
    New Orleans
    Santa Fe
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vegas
    Joshua Tree
    San Diego
    Los Angeles

    As you see, the big gap is really between Baltimore/DC and Memphis.
    Anything you can recommend along that way is much appreciated... actually, ANY suggestions for that entire duration are welcome!

    Thank you!

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    Default a big list

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Well, there are a whole lot of options in your "gap" but there are a couple of more obvious ones. First, is the most visited national park in the US, Great Smokey Mountains. The second, which seems like a big oversite on such an urban-centric plan as this would be Nashville.

    I will also say that either Phoenix or Santa Fe will require a pretty big detour from the rest of your plan. Either one could be on a fairly logical route, but doing both will require a pretty big zig-zag.

    How much time do you anticipate spending on this trip?

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    santa fe is definitely a must... and i think we're ok with skipping phoenix. figured we'd check it out if we're going that way, but if its much of a zig zag then it's probably not worth it.

    thanks for the tips on the way to memphis! don't know how i could have forgotten about nashville. and the great smokey mountains sound amazing.

    i think we're anticipating not spending that much. my friend is going out there to look for new job opportunities and i could agree with keeping the costs low.
    so maybe under between 1 and 2 grand. does that seem reasonable? we have friends along the way and can camp, and we'll already have a vehicle.

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    Default variable

    Well, you can certainly make the trip within the budget you've listed, but the biggest factor is going to be time. Without knowing how long you plan to be on the road, its going to be tough to get an accurate projection of your costs.

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    my travel partner wouldn't be committed to a job, but i will... i've a job that should let me take up to 2 weeks off no problem. does that seem reasonable? (i'd fly back to NY once arriving in LA)

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    Default Winter in the Smokies

    Hello mciancio,

    The fact that the Smokies are here in NC and neighboring TN can be deceiving to folks from other parts of the country. There is often an expectation that the winter weather is mild, as it often is throughout most of NC.

    Winter is not mild in the Blue Ridge and the Smokies. It is, quite literally, "tough sledding".

    With elevations approaching 7,000' above sea level, the Smokies have microclimates more like that of Canada than of the rest of North Carolina. The nearby sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway are routinely closed for days or weeks on end when the snow flies as there is no effort to plow and keep the BRP in NC or VA open during winter. Although I don't know it for a fact, it seems logical some of the higher elevation roads within the Great Smoky Mountain NP would be closed in winter. I recommend communications with Park officials to determine status before planning a trip there in February.

    Elsewhere along your pathway from DC/Balto to Nashville you might enjoy Staunton, VA located where I-64 from Richmond and Charlottesville intersects I-81 near the head of the Shenandoah Valley. My wife was up there just last weekend and reports the historic downtown is very nice with lots of food and entertainment within walking distance. There is even a single-room hotel in a converted storefront, complete with a bar area downstairs and a spacious suite upstairs.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip!

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    Im doing a similar trip but LA to New York in the end of this month. We are leaving LA and likely going to head on the 40 then up to DC and then NY. We have contemplated taking the northern route (for us) which would be through Utah, Colorado etc... We are still figuring it out but im sure they both have there benefits and pitfalls. Ill try and post some stuff on here when were in route to let you know about great things we see along the way and maybe if to go on the 40 or not.


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