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  1. Default San Francisco 30th Oct - Orlando 18th Dec RV Road trip

    Gday. I live in Sydney Australia. Iím organising a road trip in a large RV motor home from San Francisco on 30th Oct to Orlando 18th Dec 2018 - 49 nights. Just have a few questions. If that plenty of time to see lots of sights etc what do RV parks charge p night in USA? And Iíve been trying to estimate the cost of fuel as well seeing as itís going to be over 3500mile road trip. Any suggestions and options greatly appreciated. Cheers :-)

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    I believe RV parks charge anywhere from $20 to $50+ a night. Fuel costs are going to vary depending on whether it's petrol or diesel, what kind of mileage it gets, and current fuel costs. A rough number for planning purposes would be 40 cents per mile.

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    Default It gets expensive.

    A large Class 'C' RV will average around 9mpg so a 4000 mile trip will be about 450 gallons. You have a nice amount of time for the trip but it's likely going to be real expensive dropping an RV off on the other side of the country. You also have to consider that most RV companies also charge for each mile you cover, Cruise America (for example) is 35 cents a mile which adds up to another 1400 dollars over 4000 miles. Overnight charges are as above but you could budget for $40 per night average. National park sites can be as little as $18 and RV resorts up to $70. Depending on how many are travelling, camping in an RV in the USA is costlier than a car and Motels but it can be a great lifestyle choice. (It's easier on the pocket if 4 adults or more are sharing the cost)

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